Will there be an electric forest 2021?

Erika Farrell asked a question: Will there be an electric forest 2021?
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ROTHBURY, Mich. — Organizers have canceled the Electric Forest festival for the second year in a row because of the ongoing pandemic. A tweet said Friday that it has become clear the festival will not be possible in 2021 and postponing to 2022 “is our only course of action.”

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Since The Official Wristband Exchange will remain open through Electric Forest 2021, you will be able to put 2020 purchases on The Official Wristband Exchange.

If Electric Forest 2021 is to happen, it will take place in August. #EF2021. While we all miss each other tremendously, and can’t wait to connect again in the …

Electric Forest is still working to lock down 2021 dates, with an official announcement in limbo. Last we heard, organizers were hopeful for next year's

April 23rd, 2021. Greetings Forest Family –. After a tumultuous year full of challenges, HQ has eagerly anticipated and worked towards our collective return to …

While we wait for Subaru’s first all-electric car, the Solterra, to arrive next year, the brand range now includes hybrid powertrains for improved fuel economy in its …

No all-electric trucks are available today from any major automakers, but there will be a fair number released during Biden's first term.

There will never be a 2,000PS electric Zenvo The Goodwood Estate Message from The Duke of Richmond and Gordon

Greetings Forest Family! We are all excited to be moving in to the new year, and eager to gather together again. With that in mind, Forest HQ is currently …

Electric Forest for 2021 has been postponed due to the pandemic and will happen next year. The expected Electric Forest 2021 dates were June 24 - 27. This …

The 2021 edition of Rothbury's Electric Forest music festival has been moved to summer 2022. Electric Forest (via Twitter) For current pass-holders, it is …

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