Why series arrangement is not used in domestic electric appliances?

John Turner asked a question: Why series arrangement is not used in domestic electric appliances?
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👉 Who can legally work domestic gas appliances?

In the united kingdom gas safety legislation states that only a person registered with Gas Safe can legally work on domestic gas appliances. This includes Installing, maintaining, servicing, disconnecting, repairing, altering and replacing parts. Anything to do with the gas appliance that could disrupt it’s safe running.A

👉 Are electromagnets used in electric appliances?

Electromagnets make the same kind of magnetic field as a permanent magnet, but the field exists only when an electric current is applied to the electromagnet. Most home appliances are loaded with electromagnets in the form of solenoids, as well as motors, which click and hum as the appliances do their work.

👉 Appliances in which electric motor is used?

These motors are used in domestic appliances like mixers, blenders, refrigerators and washing machines.

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Why is a series arrangement not used for connecting domestic electrical appliances in a circuit? - on elearning-in.com

A series arrangement is not used for connecting domestic electrical appliances in a circuit because : (i) Same current flows through each device, but different devices need current of different values to operate.

Why is series arrangement not used for domestic circuits give two reasons to support your answer? (1) In series arrangement same current will flow through all the appliances, which is not required. (2) Total resistance of domestic circuit will be sum of the resistance of all appliances and hence current drawn by the circuit will be less.

Why is a series arrangement not used for connecting domestic electrical appliances in a circuit?

Series connection is not applied in domestic wiring because if one gets damaged all other appliances too will get affected whereas in parallel wiring no matter if one gets affected all get equitable current but in series connection current is also reduced as passing through various appliances.

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