Why is there a global price for crude oil but not natural gas?

Jadyn Ferry asked a question: Why is there a global price for crude oil but not natural gas?
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Fuel Substitution

Some refined fuels produced from crude oil are competitive substitutes to natural gas. Residual fuel oil competes directly with natural gas in the electric power generation and industrial sectors… This in turn increases natural gas demand and hence prices.

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The link between crude oil and natural gas

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2020: In April, the combination of an oil price war and a worldwide pandemic helped to send the price of oil below zero, to nearly -$37 per barrel (/b). However, this abnormal occurrence was due to a technical imbalance in the futures market.

There was worldwide shock last week at the freakish reading of a price of MINUS-$40 for a barrel of US oil. This was eye-catching but slightly misleading. Oil is traded in contracts that expire on ...

A dramatic return to long-term pre-2009 norms occurred starting in 2012 when natural gas prices began moving higher. In 2014, when natural gas prices began to decline, crude oil prices fell even more on a relative basis. The bear market in crude oil, which took prices from over $107 per barrel in June 2014 to below $45 in March 2015, caused the spread to drop to below 16 to 1.

Increased shale production in the United States provides a possible explanation for the delinking of crude oil and natural gas prices because natural gas is a regionalized product.

What’s even better for the global natural gas trade is that it is separating itself from crude oil. Even though most of the natural gas trade is done under long-term contracts with prices linked ...

In Asia most natural gas is imported as LNG, and the price is indexed to crude oil on a long-term, contractual basis. The Asia Pacific market accounts for three-quarters of global LNG trade and one-third of global natural gas trade. Over the past several years, high crude oil prices resulted in increases in LNG import prices. There is currently ...

WTI crude oil futures settle at -$37.63 per barrel - Down $55.90 on the day, some 305.97%#OOTT #WTI #Crude #Oil #Coronavirus $USO — OilPrice.com (@OilandEnergy) April 20, 2020

Crude oil prices fall in domestic futures market. Crude oil futures opened on a negative note and fell marginally by 0.71 per cent at Rs 5,515 per barrel in the domestic futures market, taking cues from weak international market.

One of the clearest spillover effects is on natural gas because of the links between oil and gas prices that remain in many long-term gas supply contracts. This linkage had been offering a measure of shelter for some suppliers, but it is now set to disappear over the typical 6-9 month period in which movements in oil prices filter through into natural gas contract prices.

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