Why is methane used as a fuel?

Iva Marquardt asked a question: Why is methane used as a fuel?
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Recycling methane gas by generating electricity

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  • Refined liquid methane is used as a rocket fuel, when combined with liquid oxygen, as in the BE-4 and Raptor engines. As the major constituent of natural gas, methane is important for electricity generation by burning it as a fuel in a gas turbine or steam generator.

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Methane as a vehicle fuel

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Synthetic natural gas, which can be used as a fuel in car engines, is in fact methane (CH 4). It is produced using renewable electricity, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) and water. The electricity is required to split the water into oxygen and hydrogen in a process known as electrolysis and also to filter CO 2 from the air, from a biogas plant, or from the flue gases discharged by a waste incineration plant.

Methane in the form of compressed natural gas is used as a vehicle fuel and is claimed to be more environmentally friendly than other fossil fuels such as gasoline/petrol and diesel. Research into adsorption methods of methane storage for use as an automotive fuel has been conducted.

The use of methanol fuel reduces the exhaust emissions of certain hydrocarbon-related toxins such as benzene and 1,3 butadiene and dramatically reduces long-term groundwater pollution caused by fuel spills. Unlike benzene-family fuels, methanol will rapidly and non-toxically biodegrade with no long-term harm to the environment as long as it is sufficiently diluted.

Methane is a greenhouse gas, and is produced by cows and landfill sites. Methane from farms and landfill can be used as a fuel for cooking and heating, and to generate electricity.

Methane is the first member of the alkanes group. It is a gas at ordinary temperature. This gas is produced in the form of bubbles from the rotting of vegetation in marshy places. Hence it is also called Marsh Gas.

Methane: a ‘clean’ fuel. Among fossil fuels, currently methane seems to be the one that will be exploited more and more in the near future, thanks to its relative abundance and thanks to the fact that it is relatively ‘clean’. Its molecule is made up of 4 atoms of hydrogen and one of carbon (CH 4 ): on burning, it is the hydrocarbon that releases ...

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Methane & exposure concerns