Why emissions in electric cars are better than gasoline?

Novella Hayes asked a question: Why emissions in electric cars are better than gasoline?
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  • Electric cars are better for the environment One of the primary benefits of electric cars is that they have zero carbon emissions compared to their conventional gasoline counterparts. The fact that EVs do not have combustion engines, exhaust systems or tailpipes means less global warming pollution.

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But, considering all factors, electric cars produce lower emissions over their lifetime. Researchers have found that electric cars in countries like Sweden and France have 70% less carbon footprint than gasoline cars. This is because of their reliability in clean energy. And in the UK its 30%.

Electric cars are better than gasoline powered vehicles because they are better for the environment. According to Jerry Shaw, “Even when generated from coal-burning plants, electric cars would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as twenty-two percent when compared to cars”.

This is why electric cars depreciate faster than gasoline cars, and here’s how to connect the dots between this statement and the actual truth…. The future is electric. Or so automakers would have you believe if you listen to them especially if they are EV makers or getting into the business. While electric cars are not so “emission friendly” as ...

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