Why electric cars are not popular?

Enola McLaughlin asked a question: Why electric cars are not popular?
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One of the main reasons behind buyers not going for an electric car is the high ownership cost… electric cars is costlier than for petrol cars with the daily running of less than 40 to 45 kilometers.

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Electric cars' overall range, their price compared to a traditional car and charging infrastructure are the top reasons why consumers shun an EV. The time it takes to charge an electric car and an ...

However, I am under the firm belief that Tesla and pure electric cars are popular because of their powerful marketing campaigns, and not because they are saving the planet.

“The reason there is not so much choice in the EV market is because existing manufacturers don’t want to sell electric cars,” says Rupert Mitchell, Chief Strategy Officer at Chinese EV ...

But despite rising concern over roadside pollution levels and a government campaign to get consumers and companies to adopt zero-emissions vehicles, electric cars aren't yet creating much spark.

The main reason why many drivers are reluctant to purchase an electric or hybrid electric vehicle is because they’re not clued up with the current state of the electric automotive industry. The following are their disadvantages of EVs voiced for some time now.

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