Why does my zanussi gas oven keep going out?

Steve Gibson asked a question: Why does my zanussi gas oven keep going out?
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Zanussi oven problems

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This can be due to the appliance overheating or the overheat thermostat is faulty. When you try to use the oven does the temperature light on the front go out? Set the oven to 100 degrees.

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Can gas cooker: if it wont stay lit here's what to check

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Poor ventilation can cause the heat to build up to the point that the oven overheats and causes the thermostat to trip, again cutting out your oven in the process. This can be a common issue for new installations and can be a fundamental issue with the oven cavity itself.

The gas is injected through the jet, mixes with air in the cup to the burner body where it shoots out under it’s own pressure, due to the burner cap deflecting it that way and you have a gas burner. The ignitor gives a spark between the cap and the plug to light it and the thermocouple is a safety device to keep the gas on while there’s a flame.

when it heats up it sends an electrical signal to the gas valve to tell it there is a flame so it can release the main gas to the burner, if the flame goes out the thermocouple gets cold and shuts off the gas, also known as an FFD of Flame Failure Device

A loose connection could be going open circuit when it gets hot. If you bypass the timer and it cuts out, it rules out the timer. The most likely cause is the thermo regulator but it's possible to rule out the timer. The regulator is listed as 150 degrees.

Cause #2: Poor flame or blocked jets Problems with gas hobs can be caused by a poor flame. What happens here is that the flame cannot reach the thermocouple or not provide enough heat for the thermocouple to keep the gas valve open. This likely means that the burner is blocked or dirty.

The fan will continue to run if the oven detects the air is still warm. If your oven has a fan oven function selected at anything over 0 degrees, the fan will run. Therefore, if your oven has completely cooled down, and no functions have been selected, there may be a fault.

What you need to do is pull the oven out and take the top off and you will see the cooling fan at the back. Check to see if this is stiff to turn. If so then it will need to be replaced. But from the sounds of this the fault will be with the cooling fan. So check it out and see what you find. Regards

Zanussi oven not heating up There are basically three main faults that can prevent your oven from heating up, and that can be easily fixed by an appliance repair technician: A defective element – if the oven fan is working and the thermostat light is on this indicates the heating element is faulty.

Thanks for the reply. The oven doesn't lose temperature it cuts out, the oven light goes out along with the display. After a while it comes back on (I assume when it's cooled down) and the clock has to be reset. I think the Engineer was working on swapping the most obvious parts first, which as you said is a pretty expensive troubleshooting method.

The burner flame goes out after you have let go of the control knob ; Applies to. Freestanding Cooker; Gas Hob; Resolution. Push the control knob down and turn it counterclockwise to the maximum position, don't try to ignite the burner on a minimum position. After you have lit the flame, keep the knob pushed for equal or less than 10 seconds.

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