Why does my gas fireplace smell like smoke?

Florencio Predovic asked a question: Why does my gas fireplace smell like smoke?
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How to get a smoke smell out of a fireplace

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A: The odor is from creosote. Your chimney may need cleaning… The result is that makeup air is pulled down the chimney, which is a big, unrestricted hole in the house. If that happens when you have a fire going, smoke will fill the room.

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Why does my gas fireplace smell?

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Reasons Why Your Fireplace May Smell Strange. You may smell an odor from your modern gas fireplace if it is a brand-new unit, and this is its first use. Although you may be concerned that you smell gas, there is a strong possibility you just smell factory chemicals or paint. Let your fireplace burn for a few hours to burn off any of this type of debris, and let is cool down completely before you light it again.

Your house smells like smoke from fireplace? This might be because you are burning wood that isn’t fully seasoned or your damper isn’t open or is halfway jammed. Wetter wood will tend to be much smokier than drier wood.

All new fireplaces and gas stoves have a thin oil film or protective layer on them to stop rust and protect the metal when in storage. You need to fire it up on full for until the smell goes. We had this problem too and I too thought there was something wrong with it. But after about 30mins that smell and smoke went away. –

My fireplace smells like gas: What to do & 1 Simple, Quick Fix. Are You Worried About A Gas Odor Coming From Your Fireplace? This Guide Covers What To Look For, Prevention Tips, And 1 Quick Thing You Can Do Right Now.

Summer conditions add to the smoke-smell problem because our noses sense smells more intensely when the air is humid. In theory, closing the damper on your fireplace should stop the airflow where ...

The smell of the fumes may be similar to cigarette smoke smell because the emission might contain the same pyrolytic chemicals in a burning stick of cigarette. Call in some experts to take a look at the system and ensure there are no deeper issues.

There are several reasons a fireplace will smell like smoke while you are not burning wood in it. As discussed above, two of those are the build-up of creosote and soot. However, it may also mean that your fireplace is damaged. If you smell smoke long after you have put out the flames, determining what is causing the smell is key in getting rid of it.

Why Your Fireplace Smells in the Summer When wood is burned in the fireplace, deposits of a natural by-product called creosote are left inside your chimney. These creosote deposits have a smoky scent, which grows especially strong with heavy summer rains, winds, humid air, and frequent air conditioner use.

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