Why does my electric motor start then stop?

Petra Jacobs asked a question: Why does my electric motor start then stop?
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If it starts to run, stops by itself, and then will start again after a while: it is pretty likely to shutting down due to internal overload protection. Check to see if the motor spins freely; perhaps the bearings are worn.

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Given that the motor starts, then stops after 3 seconds, it could be that you have an abbreviated time delay in the transfer that tries to let the motor start in delta connection, waits for it to develop speed and torque, then tries to transfer to delta connection, but if the transfer switch, timer or delta contactors are faulty, then the secondary connection may open when it tries to engage, or may not engage at all.

If you can turn the motor shaft by hand easily when the motor is not energized then it may in fact be the starting capacitor that is bad and needs replacing. If there is an electric motor shop in your area it would be great to take the motor or at least the capacitor in to be tested.

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A start capacitor is used to give a motor an extra electrical push to start it turning. A start capacitor is only used in the motor circuit for a second or two when it first starts to turn. Once the motor is up to speed, the start capacitor disconnects and is not used again until the next time the motor starts.

4. Start-stop frequency plays a big role in heat damage. Excessively starting, stopping, and starting your motor again won’t allow it to cool properly. The result is a high-heat environment that wears on the integrity of components. 5. Vibration from a condition like soft foot leads to excessive heat. If vibrations are severe enough, they’ll raise temperatures to unsafe levels and stress components beyond their capacity for heat.

The simplest way to troubleshoot this is to replace the motor and see if this deals with the problem. Another thing that you can do is to check the connections. In particular the battery connections. Sometimes there are some loose wiring or soldering which could be causing this problem. electric rc car keeps cutting out 02.

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