Why do lemons produce electricity?

Juliana Barrows asked a question: Why do lemons produce electricity?
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  • A Lemon can Produce Electricity. This passing of electrons form metal to the next is actually a flow of electricity being conducted by the reaction. To view the electric current, one can easily attach two copper wires in a circuit that can make the flow of electrons visible when attached to a small, handheld light bulb.

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because of the acid inside the lemon

Lemons do not produce electricity. It is the electrochemical reaction happening in the metals which will cause the flow of electrons :) Let me explain in detail. People usually slot two metal into the lemon and connect them with an LED to make it glow. The typical metals used are galvanized iron nail (Zinc coated) and a copper (Cu).

The zinc electrode, when inside the lemon, gets oxidized by releasing electrons and goes to a lower energy state. This leads to the transfer of electrons from a high energy state electrode to a low energy state electrode. Thus, lemon just serves as an environment for the generation of electricity; however doesn’t produce any electrons on its own.

Because Lemons has acid and it can reacted with metal and release electron,so Lemons can Produce Electricity.

The electrolytes in lemon produce electricity by allowing two metals to react with each other. The acid in the lemon is dissolved into positive and negative ions in its natural water. When rods of copper and zinc are placed in the lemon, a chemical reaction takes place.

The citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are good conductors of electricity. They do not produce electricity on their own. But, if they are placed in a series in huge numbers to form a big circuit, sufficient electricity to light a bulb can be generated. This setting can be compared to a multi-cell battery.

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