Why did they change the gas cans?

Arely Ritchie asked a question: Why did they change the gas cans?
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Complaints surface about new gas cans

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EPA Regulations

Automatic closure, like a spring-loaded nozzle spout when it's not in use. A single, self-venting opening. Childproof features (see Children's Gasoline Burn Prevention Act) The can itself must resist a minimum amount of permeated fuels.

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Why your "government gas can" sucks and how to fix it!

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Stick to Your Old Gas Can. While gas cans produced after January 1, 2009 must stick to these requirements, your old can is still able to serve its original purpose. Maybe the old ones weren’t the best devices, but that’s where EZ-POUR ® comes in. Our spouts make fueling up easier than ever.

Last International Earth Day, while the Globe held hands and celebrated Gaia and executive climate change agreements, I was monkeying with my several gas cans in the storage shed. Why several? I’d watched all the folks after 2012’s Hurricane Sandy lining up for blocks, not for personal wind turbines or solar power packs, but fighting over a gallon or two of gasoline.

It is far more likely to spill when the gas is gurgling out in various uneven ways, when one spout has to both pour and suck in air. That’s when the lawn mower tank becomes suddenly full without warning, when you are shifting the can this way and that just to get the stuff out. There’s also the problem of the exploding can.

Why? New laws. The first, signed by President George W. Bush in 2008, required childproof gas cans. The reasoning behind this was at least one horrific incident where little kids opened a gas can, spilled the contents, and the gas was ignited by a nearby water heater pilot light in the garage.

Why the Largest Maker of Portable Gas Cans is ... and in 1992 the company changed its name because most of its products were no longer metal — they’re now plastic. Those red plastic fuel ...

Durand did not pursue food canning, but, in 1812, sold his patent to two Englishmen, Bryan Donkin and John Hall, who refined the process and product, and set up the world's first commercial canning factory on Southwark Park Road, London. By 1813 they were producing their first tin canned goods for the Royal Navy.

The cans were originally intended to be used as fuel containers, but uses for the cans have expanded beyond this.Today, a can's use is denoted by its colouring, affixed labels and, occasionally, imprinted labelling on the container itself. This is to prevent contamination of the can's contents by mixing different fuels or mixing fuel with water.

Yes that is correct. That is why it works so well and a older cans that already have that vent hole on the other side. LOL. That 6 gallon gan I have the new nozzle on is over 15 years old. The new nozzles works great on those kind of older gas cans. M.

Jeffrey Tucker of the American Institute for Economic Research says you’re not imagining it. He tells us the reason why— starting with today’s gas cans with a design mandated by the federal government. (The story begins with Tucker demonstrating use of today’s gas cans.) Sharyl: This is the offending gas can? Tucker: Yes.

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Introducing the scepter smartcontrol® gas can with flame…