Who was the first person to use electricity?

Milton Sanford asked a question: Who was the first person to use electricity?
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  • Ben Franklin was the first person to use the terms charging and discharging while describing transfer of electricity. (Read more on battery Charging and Discharging) Ben Franklin built an electric battery using glass window panes and thin lead plates.

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Benjamin Franklin.

It was volta who first demonstrated how to generate electricity that was of any use using chemical reactions but the prize goes to Michael Faraday when he invented the dynamo in 1831. Sir William Armstrong was the first to use hydro-electricity to power electric lights at his home in the northeast of England, and the electric lights had just been invented by Sir Joseph Swan.

Electricity has existed since the first electron emerged from the energy soup of the Big Bang. Now if you ask who made electricity practical and important, there are several people who stand out. Ben Franklin for identifying lightning as electrical discharge and inventing the lightning rod.

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