Who invented the first string of electric christmas lights?

Austen Wisozk asked a question: Who invented the first string of electric christmas lights?
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  • The very first string of electric Christmas tree lights was invented by Edward Hibberd Johnson in 1882. Three years prior to this time, Thomas Edison unveiled the first practical commercial incandescent light. Johnson was an inventor and businessman who worked with Thomas Edison on various projects.

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The craze began when Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, created the first strand of electrical light string in 1880. By 1882 he’d decided that Christmas time needed sprucing up a bit, and started to hang them outside his Menlo Park Laboratory, which people passing by on the nearby railway line would have seen.

First, a disclaimer: A persistent legend credits Ralph Morris as the inventor of electric Christmas lights. The story goes that Ralph, seeing his son push a candle over on a Christmas tree, nearly set the tree on fire and ended up singeing his hair.

Some sources credit Edison himself with being the first to use electric lights as Christmas decorations, when he strung them around his laboratory in 1880. Sticking them on the tree was Johnson’s...

1882: Edward H. Johnson decorates the first electric-lit Christmas tree The first electric light Christmas tree, 1882. Edison wasn’t just the inventor of the modern Christmas light, he inadvertently played an important role in the invention of the modern electric-lit Christmas tree as well.

Christmas tree lights were invented soon after the invention of the first light bulb. Edward Johnson, the vice president of Thomas Alva Edison’s electric company, chose to use small lights to decorate the exterior of his Menlo Park laboratory in 1880. By 1882, Johnson had hand-wired a string of lights and used them on his Christmas tree rather than ...

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