Which gas makes up 80% of air?

Athena McKenzie asked a question: Which gas makes up 80% of air?
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Air is composed of a mixture of gases and is not a gas in itself. However, air is mostly nitrogen -- almost 80 percent of it. Nearly all the rest of it is oxygen, with about 1 percent being argon. All of the rest of the gases make up only a fraction of a percent of the air.

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Nitrogen is a gas at room temperature. It makes up almost 80% of the air we breathe.

Gases that make up outdoor air: this article provides a table of the components in outdoor air - a list of the various gases found in air by percentage. The table gives the percent of each gas found in typical outdoor air, includes citations of authoritative sources, and discusses variations in the data. These gas percentages are a useful reference for comparison when making both outdoor and ...

Transcribed image text: Draw the Lewis structure of nitrogen gas, N, which makes up about 80% of the air we breathe. Select the correct answer below: :N=Ř: :N-N: :N-N: Too o : NEN:

Oxygen only makes up about 21% of air. About 78% of the air you breathe is made up of another gas called nitrogen. There are also tiny amounts of other gases like argon, carbon dioxide and methane. Plant and animal life on earth can’t survive without air.

Updated July 07, 2019. Nearly all of the Earth's atmosphere is made up of only five gases: nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, argon, and carbon dioxide. Several other compounds are also present. Although this CRC table does not list water vapor, air can contain as much as 5% water vapor, more commonly ranging from 1-3%.

It is one of several nitrogen oxides. One of the most prominent air pollutants, this reddish-brown toxic gas has a characteristic sharp, biting odor. Carbon monoxide (CO) – CO is a colorless, odorless, toxic gas. It is a product of combustion of fuel such as natural gas, coal or wood. Vehicular exhaust contributes to the majority of carbon monoxide let into our atmosphere.

Out of the earth’s atmosphere, 78% is nitrogen, 21% is oxygen while other gases account for only 1%. The water vapor content in the atmosphere varies from 0 to 2% while carbon dioxide accounts for 0.03-0.04%. Some of the minor gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide absorb thermal radiation escaping from the earth to outer space.

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