Which gas is used in aeroplane?

Tyrese Franecki asked a question: Which gas is used in aeroplane?
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Which type of fuel used in aeroplane?

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Aviation kerosene, also known as QAV-1, is the fuel used by airplanes and helicopters equipped with turbine engines, such as pure jet, turboprops, or turbofans. Our kerosene's thermal stability ensures the aircraft's performance.

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How fuel efficient is an airplane?

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The fuel used in commercial aircraft and in fighter aircraft is kerosene based, where complete purified kerosene is used and in addition to that some additives like antifreeze, antioxidants, hydrocarbons, metal deactivators because these additives enhance the material of the gas turbines from corrosion, freezing at higher altitudes and from other damages.

If you’re curious about what determines the type of fuel used by an airplane, the answer is simple: the fuel type is a direct result of the type of engine used in that plane. Simply put, commercial and fighter planes tend to use kerosene-based fuel, but certain products are usually added to the fuel.

If you have an ordinary piston airplane, it uses leaded gasoline. The FAA and the petroleum industry are working hard to create a new unleaded fuel that will work safely in 80-year-old airplanes…no small task. A turbine-powered plane uses jet fuel. In the civilian world, you have Jet-A and Jet-A1 (kerosene) and Jet-B (70% Gasoline, 30% kerosene).

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Aviation gasoline, or AVGAS, is the type of aviation fuel that powers small piston-engine airplanes. These airplanes are usually operated by flying clubs, flight training jets, and private pilots. AVGAS is the only available airplane fuel that still contains amounts of tetraethyl lead additive.

Piston based planes use a high grade variety of fuel called "Av-Gas" (as in AViation GASoline) usually 100 or 110 octane, as light aircraft often have high compression ratios than cars to produce more power. People have been known to use av-gas in high performance forced induction cars, as it can be used to run much higher boost levels.

In fact, this is the main reason kerosene fuel is used in airplanes. For decades, airplanes originally used gasoline. The need for higher-octane fuel, however, prompted aviation experts to experiment with alternative types of fuel, thus paving the way for kerosene. Today, kerosene is now the most common type of fuel used in airplanes. Lower Viscosity

At present, flammable vapors in fueltanks are rendered inert by replacing the air in the tank with an inert gas, such as nitrogen, nitrogen enriched air, steam or carbon dioxide. This reduces the oxygen concentration of the ullage to below the combustion threshold.

In addition to a lower freezing point, kerosene has a higher flash point than gasoline. With its higher flash point, kerosene offers higher octane ratings to achieve greater power and efficiency when compared to its gasoline counterpart. In fact, this is the main reason kerosene fuel is used in airplanes.

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