Which fruit is the best conductor of electricity?



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Question: What fruit or vegetable is the best conductor of electricity? The avocado will be the best conductor of electricity because of the high amount of iron.

Lemons are generally the best fruits for conducting electricity. The high acid content in these and other citrus fruits, such as oranges and limes, makes them superior conductors.

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Fruit Electricity Conductors Some good fruit electricity conductors are apples, grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes. The citrus fruits will be excellent conductors due, again, to the high acidity level.

Citrus Fruits Conduct Electricity Citrus fruits and many other fruits and vegetables, like apples and potatoes are good conductors of electricity. You can even use fruit juices and vinegar as a viable conductor for electricity. Many small household items can be powered using citrus fruits.

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