Where to find old western electric phone parts?

Phyllis Goyette asked a question: Where to find old western electric phone parts?
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  • Old Phone Shop carries a large inventory of antique telephone parts. We offer phone parts for Automatic Electric, Western Electric, Kellogg, Stromberg Carlson and all others.

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Original Old Western Electric Receiver cords. Unused with NO paper tag! All I have left have loops on the ends of the cords and the paper tags are gone. Or have a smeller tag. Still Original old cords that were never used. $45.00

The Olde Telephone Company has a very large variety of old & antique telephone parts, call us to check availability. 541-270-5747. We offer phone parts for both Automatic Electric, Western Electric, Kellogg, Stromberg Carlson phones and all others. The parts are for candlestick telephones and wood wall phones as well as desksets like the Western ...

Bestsellers. Bulk Cordage - Choose the number of conductors and color. Bulk Cordage - Single Conductor. Spade Terminal - Small - Vinyl Piercing. Spade Terminal - Large - Cloth Piercing. Bulk Cordage - Line Cord - Flat. Western Electric - Celluloid Cover. Cloth Covered Line Cord - Spade - Modular - Various Colors.

Transmitter diaphragm springs $1.00 per pair. Original Western Electric wood wall telephone book hooks. Hard to find item. $8.50 each. These are wire hold downs for old wooden telephones on the left is for a Kellogg on the right is for a Monarch. $2.00 each. Many old Wood telephone boxes!

FOR PARTS Telemania Wooden Wood Duck Decoy Telephone Vintage 1991 Mallard. $39.99. $8.20 shipping. or Best Offer. Vintage 1960's Princess Phone Stromberg Carlson Rotary Telephone. Parts/repair. $17.50. 0 bids. $23.60 shipping.

OLD STYLE Western Electric Rotary Phone Dial,For Parts - $48.97. FOR SALE! We have a Old Style Western Electric Rotary Phone Dial, Runs smooth, 294307362345

Add to wish list. Automatic Electric - 29S Lock. SKU: 24766. See details. Our price: $69.95. Qty Out of stock. Automatic Electric - 29S Lock Screws - Lot of 4. SKU: 23902. See details.

PARTS AND REPAIRS - a Bell System Memorial public service "Yellow Pages" listing of collectors and dealers of antique telephones and parts for old phones. Common Western Electric telephone models: Model 500 Telephone - These were the "standard" rotary dial desk sets; probably the most common phone that was around in the later decades of the Bell System.

This includes straight and curved cranks, crank hole covers, dummy crankholders, brass and steel wood telephone hardware. Also in the Phoneco inventory is reproduction Western Electric and Kellogg receivers. We also stock switch hole covers, universal and for Stromberg Carlson, Western Electric, Kellogg, and others.

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