Where is yoshi gas available?

Cary Hodkiewicz asked a question: Where is yoshi gas available?
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Video answer: Yoshi brings gas and services to your car

Yoshi brings gas and services to your car

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Yoshi hasn't revealed how many people have signed up for the service, according to the Washington Post, but it currently delivers gas in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, and other US cities. Yoshi's fuel comes from ExxonMobil, and customers pay a $20 monthly fee for delivery.

Video answer: Yoshi brings the gas station to you

Yoshi brings the gas station to you

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Yoshi delivers Gas, Wash, and Service directly to your parked car. Learn more about Yoshi and download the app to schedule your first fill-up. We are hiring Field Technicians. How It Works; Pricing; Services; Corporate; Fleet; Get App. Freedom is a Full Tank. Contactless Gas & Automotive Services Delivered. Gas, Wash and Service. Our DOT approved gas trucks and service vans come to your home or place of work every week, on your schedule, to top off your tank, wash your car, change your oil ...

— Yoshi #KeepMoving (@startyoshi) January 14, 2018. Customers tell Yoshi where their car is parked using the Yoshi app. Then, Yoshi employees refuel the car with Synergy fuel from ExxonMobil. Other services are available, including oil changes, wiper blade changes and car washes.

Customers can download the app and see if their location is available for Yoshi’s services before choosing either a monthly membership ($20) or an annual membership of $192 ($16 per month). Once a member, gas fill-ups, oil changes, and other car services that are safe, contactless and convenient become just a finger click away.

Yoshi will cost you $20 a month in membership (or $16 if you get the annual subscription) and this covers up to six fillups a month with no delivery fee (additional fillups are available to you but will incur a fee). After that the gas is price matched to the LOWEST Top Tier™ within a 2 mile radius of where you are parked and the price of our ...

As travel ramps up for the Labor Day holiday, the Nashville-based contactless gas delivery and auto services company Yoshi is providing new local customers with some much-needed relief: a $1 per gallon promotion as gas prices soar across the country.

Yoshi is currently available in the following areas: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, the D.C. area, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville,...

Currently operating in 17 regions of the country, gas delivery startup Yoshi requires subscribers to part with $20 monthly to enjoy a short list of regular car services and discounts on gas, with all delivered at customers' convenience. You only have to order to keep moving anytime and anywhere without getting stuck at the grocery store or work anymore, with Yoshi technicians always available to fill your tank with gas.

Yoshi is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, the D.C. Area (including D.C., Maryland, and Virginia), Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, St. Louis, Tampa/St. Petersburg, and Warren. Get started with Yoshi here.

Yoshi is proud to pump Top Tier™ fuel, which is formulated for efficiency and helps you get better gas mileage. We price match our gas to the lowest Top Tier™ station within a 2 mile radius to ensure you the customer gets the best quality at the lowest price. Gas is available in regular or premium and you can select your preference in the app as well as checking the price of gas for today in your location.

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