When did people first have electricity in their homes?

Savion Zulauf asked a question: When did people first have electricity in their homes?
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  • Edison’s light bulb was one of the first applications of electricity to modern life. He initially worked with J. P. Morgan and a few privileged customers in New York City in the 1880s to light their homes, pairing his new incandescent bulbs with small generators.

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12th January 1882 saw the first public electricity in London. At first the supply was limited. But during the following years, the service was improved and before too long many miles of wire was connecting homes to electric power stations. And wherever the electric supply cannot reach, a supply can be obtained with batteries or generators so that electricity can come into all our homes today.

Although people have known about electricity since ancient times, they’ve only been harnessing its power for about 250 years.

When I met my husband they did not have plumbing and only minimal electricity, one power line into the kitchen that ran a light bulb or an iron. The cookstove was a wood stove, the heat was a fireplace. The bathroom was an outhouse and the washroom was a closet with a small wash tub. When I first met him he was on top of a hay stack tending chores.

In those times, there was no national electric grid you could tap into. If you wanted electricity, you had to generate it yourself. Most people did not have the technological knowhow or the inclination to light their houses with electric lamps. Even if some of them did, they probably didn’t have the money to bring their desires to fruition.

Following development of a gas turbine-electric locomotive in 1948, GE installed its first commercial gas turbine for power generation—a 3.5-MW heavy-duty unit—at the Belle Isle Station owned ...

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