What's the law on electric skateboards?

Toy Will asked a question: What's the law on electric skateboards?
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Much like electric scooters, you're hypothetically breaking a catch-all law that governs motorised transportation that isn't taxed and registered… 'Hoverboards, Onewheels and Electric Scooters are all banned in public places but as of yet electric skateboards remain unlegislated.

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For skateboards and rollerblades: use sidewalks if you have them. If not, ride on the far left side of the road, as a runner would. 4. For folding scooters: you’re street legal. Under California law, electric scooters may be operated on a trail, bicycle path, or bikeway. Local ordinances, however, may prohibit electric scooters on some of these paths.

Your electric skateboard must not be able to travel at speeds above 20 miles per hour. The power of your electric skateboard should be under 1000W; Your rate cannot exceed 15 miles per hour when climbing on public property; While riding at night, you should have a white light, a red reflector in the back and a yellow reflector on the side.

For purposes of this section, under Vehicle Code § 313.5, an electrically motorized skateboard is not considered a motorized skateboard if is less than 60 inches long and less than 18 inches wide, is designed to transport just one person, has an electric propulsion system that averages less than 1,000 watt and its maximum speed is less than 20 miles per hour.

Because of that, no law exists for allowing them on the streets. The laws are not worked out yet. Electric skateboards are just to young to be properly regulated. But you probably won’t get a fine or will be ticketed by the police. They are not very familiar with electric skateboards and in this regard, the police is usually very tolerant.

It’s actually quite interesting to see why electric skateboard laws have been such a grey area for so long. Well, it’s mainly because of the Highway Act 1835. As for the ability to ride electric skateboards on the footpath, the act states that a “carriage of any description” (a broad term they use to include anything that carries something or someone) cannot ride on a footpath intended for pedestrians.

The electric skateboard max speed should not exceed 25kph (15mph) which makes almost all boards illegal. It should have lights and reflectors to be seen at all times. and you’re supposed to have a bell to warn people.

The eskate laws are the same rules that apply to cyclists. You can ride an electric skateboard on any road with a speed limit under 25mph and your maximum speed also cannot exceed that limit. The electric skateboard cannot have more 2,500W of power and must only transport one person at a time.

The law can be funny at times. The electric skateboard is only allowed on roads that do not exceed the 35mph speed limit. But the electric board is not allowed to go beyond the speed of 15 mph. There are cases where the police will cite riders for public endangerment even if their board is running at less than 15 mph.

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