What weight of trailer requires electric brakes?

Gilberto Schaefer asked a question: What weight of trailer requires electric brakes?
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  • They are automatically applied by the brake controller and can be manually operated by a manual control which is installed within reach of the driver. Electronic brakes are most commonly used on caravans and trailers over 750kg and are legally required on all caravans and trailers where the GTM is more than 2000kg.

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In the USA a tandem axle utility trailer with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 7500-lbs should have brakes installed. Any trailer over 3000-lbs must have brakes on all wheels in most states, but laws do vary. Some states require braked axles on trailers with a GVW as low as 2000-lbs; other states have a higher limit.

Every trailer having an unladed weight of more than 10,000 lbs shall be equipped with air or electric brakes. Michigan Independent braking system required when gross weight exceeds 15,000 lbs.

No brakes are required for trailers with a single axle that do not exceed 750kg GTM. This might apply for a trailer... If the trailer and boat combined weigh 750kg or more, you will need override mechanical or hydraulic brakes. If together they weigh up to 2,000kg, brakes are required on the wheels ...

Every trailer, semitrailer, and pole trailer equipped with air or vacuum actuated brakes and every trailer, semitrailer, and pole trailer with a gross weight in excess of three thousand pounds, manufactured or assembled after January 1, 1964, shall be equipped with brakes acting on all wheels and of such character as to be applied automatically and promptly, and remain applied for at least fifteen minutes, upon breakaway from the towing vehicle.

Trailer brakes add stopping power If your trailer’s gross vehicle weight is more than 910 kg (2,000 lb.), the law says it must have brakes. The law doesn’t require brakes on lighter trailers. But they’re still a good idea because they help you stop more efficiently. If your trailer has no brakes, your vehicle’s brakes must work that much harder.

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