What size wire and breaker for electric range?

Garrick Goyette asked a question: What size wire and breaker for electric range?
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What is the proper wire size for an electric range?

  • What Size Electrical Wire Should I Use When Wiring an Electrical Outlet (Receptacle)? The electrical circuit must be properly protected by the right fuse or circuit breaker For a 15-Amp circuit use #14 copper wire (or #12 copper-clad aluminum wire)… For a 20-Amp circuit use #12 copper wire (or #10 copper-clad aluminum wire) .The fuse or circuit breaker feeding this circuit is rated for 20 amps. More items...

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If the wire is 8 AWG you can only use a 40A breaker, regardless of what the range's instructions may tell you. If it is 6 AWG, you should use 40A or 50A depending on what the range's instructions say to use. While you're in there... this is a very good time to make sure you are using the modern, grounded 4-wire connection including a NEMA 14 plug/socket if it uses a plug. The old 3-wire connection is hazardous, as any problem with the neutral wire will electrify the chassis of the range.

A range uses 220-volt power, which you get by installing a double-pole breaker onto the panel. Use 8-gauge cable, which has two hot wires. Connect one hot wire to the top breaker and the other hot to the bottom breaker. The neutral and ground wires go on their respective buses.

30A Breaker and 10 gauge wire can be used on 240V AC Supply. Breaker cannot be larger than ampacity of wire except for some loads like more loads. In addition, A Circuit breaker rated for: 120V can only be used for 120V.

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