What kind of strings for acoustic electric guitar?

Syble Langworth asked a question: What kind of strings for acoustic electric guitar?
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  • The difference between the strings used in electric and acoustic guitar strings is the material. The strings for electric guitar are made of nickel, steel, and chromium alloys. Strings used on acoustic guitars are typically made of bronze, bronze alloys, or nylon.

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Acoustic Electric Guitar String Materials All strings for electric guitars are made of nickel, steel or another kind of magnetic conductive metal alloys. The metal alloys are essential for transmitting the string vibration to the guitar magnetic pickups.

Nickel bronze strings are more commonly used for electric guitar strings, but they do a superb job of accentuating the mid-range frequencies of an acoustic guitar. This makes them perfect for full-band situations where the guitar needs to sit nicely in the mix as a whole. Complete your setup with our pick of the best guitar straps

Do Acoustic-Electric Guitars Need Different Strings? Most acoustic-electric guitars including a few nylon-string models are equipped with under-saddle piezo pickups. String vibrations are converted to an electrical signal with a small on-board preamp.

The best string for your acoustic/electric guitar is whatever the guitar manufacturer recommends. My Blueridge acoustic/electric, pictured here, is recommended by the manufacturer to only use light gauge strings, regardless of the brands of the strings. There are literally dozens of different brands of strings,,coated and non-coated.

It’s worth noting that if you play an electric guitar too, the names of each gauge will be pretty different. Try not to compare acoustic and electric gauges, as acoustic guitars usually need a heavier gauge of string to sound their best. Materials Acoustic guitar strings are commonly made of bronze, phosphor bronze, brass, nickel, silk and steel.

Whether you're accompanying yourself, playing rhythm, or just playing instrumentals, these strings are a great option. 14s Typically, the thickest gauged strings you'll come across for acoustic guitars are 14s or heavy gauged strings. These strings are designed to accommodate large guitars such as dreadnoughts and auditorium guitars.

Some of the most common string types for acoustic guitar include bronze, bronze coated, phosphor bronze, silk and steel, NanoWeb coated, nylon, and so on. Nylon strings are generally for classical, flamenco, and some folk guitars too.

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