What is the main use of natural gas?

Alford Treutel asked a question: What is the main use of natural gas?
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Most U.S. natural gas use is for heating and generating electricity, but some consuming sectors have other uses for natural gas. The electric power sector uses natural gas to generate electricity and produce useful thermal output.

  • The five largest natural gas-consuming states and their percentage shares of total U.S. natural gas consumption in 2020 were: 3
  • Texas15.2%
  • California6.8%
  • Louisiana6.0%
  • Pennsylvania5.6%
  • Florida5.2%

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Transportation & production (industrial use) The industrial use of natural gas means production of chemicals, fertilizers, hydrogen, etc. It accounts for about 33% of the total U.S. natural gas consumption.

Natural gas sees a broad range of other uses in industry, as a source of both heat and power and as an input for producing plastics and chemicals. Most hydrogen gas (H2) production, for example, comes from reacting high temperature water vapor (steam) with methane.

Natural gas is used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes. About 31% of the 2013 consumption of natural gas in the United States was by industry. Natural gas is used as both a raw material and as a source of heat.

What is Natural Gas Used for? There are many uses of natural gas, all of which benefit our society. From the early 19 th to 20 th centuries, natural gas was primarily used to power lights in buildings and on streets. Today, modern technology has allowed us expand the uses of natural gas, some of which include:

Natural gas is a major feedstock for the production of ammonia, via the Haber process, for use in fertilizer production. Others Natural gas is also used in the manufacture of fabrics, glass, steel,...

Natural gas is also used for waste treatment and incineration, metals preheating (particularly for iron and steel), drying and dehumidification, glass melting, food processing, and fueling industrial boilers. Natural gas may also be used as a feedstock for the manufacturing of a number of chemicals and products.

Primarily a heating fuel.

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