What is the difference between landfill gas and biogas?

Claude Gerlach asked a question: What is the difference between landfill gas and biogas?
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The difference is that landfill gas has many more “trace” impurities than AD plant produced biogas. Biogas made from an anaerobic digestion plant which is fed by pure organic biomass won't normally possess the many “trace” (small %age quantities) chemicals that are invariably found in any landfill gas.


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  • Project Drawdown defines landfill methane capture: the process of capturing methane generated from anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste in landfills and incinerating the captured biogas to generate electricity. This solution replaces conventional electricity-generating technologies such as coal, oil, and natural gas power plants.

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Can biogas replace natural gas?

Biogas can be used to replace natural gas in many applications including: cooking, heating, steam production, electrical generation, vehicular fuel, and as a pipeline gas.

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Difference Between Gas and Diesel

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