What is instant electric water heater?

Camren Daniel asked a question: What is instant electric water heater?
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Instant water heaters are those that have small storage capacity (3 lts or 1 ltr) and high heating rate (3 kW or 4.5 kW)… The reason they are called “instant” is because due to low storage volume and high heating rate it can provide hot water “almost” instantly.

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For instant water heaters, the in-built flow restrictors help regulate the flow of water into the instant water heater. This means that when a person is taking a bath or using a shower, only the right amount of water can enter the heating chamber of the instant water heater for water to be heated instantly.

These electric tankless water heaters run on natural gas, making the heat exchangers and internal burners fire up once the sensor detects cold water on the pipes. It works with a condensing heating system that doesn’t require vents due to intense fumes. This electric water heater keeps up with hot water demands for the majority of households.

The Ecosmart ECO 27 is Ecosmart’s most powerful heater, designed to handle on demand water heating in even the coldest climates. In warm climates, it can supply most fixtures in your home at the same time. In fact, many buyers used it as their sole water heater for lake houses, cabins, or other vacation properties.

This tankless water heater provides you an instant supply of hot water right after you turn on the showerhead. The only disadvantage of the Atwood tankless water heater is that with a decrease in incoming water temperature, the temperature of the outlet also very decreases.

Fully electronic instant water heaters combine comfortable hot water convenience with energy efficiency. These units only heat the water that is actually used for a bath or a shower. And because it is heated to the desired temperature within seconds, there are no long wait times and no need to mix with cold water.

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