What is fail-safe electric strike?

Buster Rippin asked a question: What is fail-safe electric strike?
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Fail safe products are unlocked when power is removed. Power is applied to lock the door. Fail secure products are locked when power is removed. Power is applied to unlock the door. Fail safe/fail secure refers to the status of the secure side (key side, outside) of the door.

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If you have a system that is a fail safe electric strike that means the lock becomes unlocked when the power is removed. In other words, when the electrical power is running, everything is locked. However, if the electrical power fails or is stopped for any reason, the door is automatically unlocked.

Fail safe/fail secure refers to the status of the secure side (key side, outside) of the door. Most products provide free egress whether they are fail safe or fail secure (see below). Electric strikes. An electric strike replaces the regular strike for a lockset or panic hardware. For a single door, it mounts in the frame and for a pair, it mounts in the inactive leaf or on a mullion.

Fail-safe. Also called fail-open. In this configuration, applying electric current to the strike will cause it to lock. It operates the same as a magnetic lock would. If there is a power failure, the door opens merely by being pushed or pulled. A new trend is a strike that is quickly reversible from fail safe to fail secure (and back again if needed).

Although electric strikes can be fail safe, the most common is a maglock or magnetic door lock. On the other hand, when fail secure locks lose power, they default to a locked or secure position. The result is a door that’s kept locked. The most common fail secure lock is an electric strike.

What makes electric strike locks “fail-safe” is that they can still be opened even without electricity, usually from inside. However, electric strike locks can usually be configured to be “fail-secure.” Magnetic strike locks have a metal plate on top of the door and are fail-safe only

A fail-safe electric strike locks when powered. If power should fail, the electric strike unlocks and remains in the unlocked condition. For this reason, if a fail-safe electric strike is used for the locking mechanism in a building, there must be a back-up battery system installed in case of power failure.

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