What is electric supplier charge?

Celestine Jones asked a question: What is electric supplier charge?
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  • A. Electric Supply The electric supply charge is the price you pay per kilowatt-hour ("kWh") for the electricity you use in your home. The price of electric supply is determined by your choice of supplier, whether it be a Retail Electric Supplier or ComEd . Summer (June 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021)

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When it comes to dissecting your energy bill, there are two very different fees that you will see: supply rates and delivery rates. Both of these rates are standard components of your electricity bill, but cover two very different things. Supply charges cover the actually energy itself.

Let’s say you live in Texas and you haven’t yet switched suppliers, so your electricity is still supplied by the local utilities and your supply electric rate is 11.85 cents per kWh. Let’s assume that your delivery charges (distribution, transmission, and transition rates combined) is 7 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Electric Bill Breakdown Understanding Your Electric Bill Distribution Charge - Charges for the use of local wires, transformers, substations, and other equipment used to deliver electricity to end-use consumers from the high voltage

It depends on the supplier you choose. You may receive one bill or two. You may continue to receive one bill from your electric utility that details the electric supplier's charges separately. Alternatively, the supplier may issue a single bill detailing the utility's transmission and distribution charges separately.

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