What is electric boogie about?

Owen Jast asked a question: What is electric boogie about?
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What is Electric Boogie about?

  • Electric boogaloo (sometimes mistakenly referred to as electric boogie) is a funk style of hip hop dance closely related to popping. It became the signature style of the dance group started in the 1970s, the Electric Boogaloos .

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The legendary song we all know and love, "The Electric Slide", also known as "The Electric Boogie", has revealed its true meaning from the songwriter himself Neville Livingston. The 71-year-old has...

Electric Boogie (Woogie Woogie!) “Electric Boogie” was sung by Jamaican singer Marcia Griffiths. Griffiths had a whole other career pre-“Electric Boogie,” associated with Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, Bob Marley, and Bunny Wailer. Wailer recorded the original version of “Electric Boogie,” but it was Griffith’s version that became ...

The Electric Slide is one of the most popular dances in HISTORY. Did you know that it's a song about a VIBRATOR? The songwriter is 71 year old Neville Livingston aka Bunny Wailer. And according to a recent report, Bunny is putting a rumor to rest by clarifying that the Electric Slide, also known as the Electric Boogie, is indeed about a vibrator.

In June 2018, a shocking revelation appeared on social media about a well-known and well-worn song called “ Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide) ” — the popular dance song was apparently written...

The Electric (better known as The Electric Slide) is a four wall line dance set to Marcia Griffiths and Bunny Wailer's song "Electric Boogie". [1] Choreographer, pianist and Broadway performer Richard L. "Ric" Silver created the dance in 1976 from a demo of the Bunny Wailer recording.

Marcia Griffiths - Electric Boogie (Long Version) 1983 - YouTube.

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