What is automation in oil and gas?

Danial Bailey asked a question: What is automation in oil and gas?
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Automation solutions for oil and gas

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Oil and gas automation, also known as oilfield automation, in the oil and gas industry refers to a growing number of processes, many involving digital technologies, that can help energy producers better compete in global markets.

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Finally, several technology trends including data analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI have matured significantly in recent years. As a result, it’s now possible to do the following with oil and gas industry automation. 1. Leverage Data Analytics. In 2019, oil and gas companies are going to step up their work in managing data.

Automation is arguably the most powerful tool that an EH&S Manager can ask for, and when that technology is paired with an Environmental, Health & Safety database platform that can tap into CMS data, the result is a winning combination for the Oil & Gas Industry.

SCADA automation is simply the means to an end and not the end itself. At the end of the day, all businesses converge on the need for maximizing return on assets through operational excellence. Staying competitive means continually finding new ways to operate faster and leaner.

Automation in oil and gas creates opportunities for workers with the right skills – both dangerous and repetitive work will be the focus of much automation. In the light of skills shortages and increasing energy demand, we expect stability in the petrotechnical professional workforce.

Process Control Automation in Oil & Gas (Downstream) &. Process Control Automation in Oil & Gas (Downstream): Process Control Automation is the latest and innovative value-adding service in Oil & Gas downstream. In the Oil & Gas Industry, it is crucial to regulate process variables to achieve the task of Process automation.

Automation technology is proving to be a cost-saving investment for oil and gas industry. Automation is used to improve various processes in the industry from boiler diagnostics to actual drilling. Automated tech is also compatible with data analysis making the system work error free.

Process automation is a helpful tool for reducing unexpected (and expensive) oil field downtime. Some reports estimate that oil and gas organizations lose an average of $49 million per year due to unplanned downtime. California Resources Corporation wanted to put an end to the over-the-top revenue drain experienced in the field.

Intelligent automation will automate a wide range of routine tasks in the oil and gas industry, both in the field and in support functions such as finance, accounting and human resources. In general, employees will move from data collection and reporting duties to more value-added activities.

Automation is extremely versatile, making it an ideal aid to daily operations. As such, there are several areas where it can make an immediate and lasting difference for oil and gas companies....

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Robotic process automation in oil & gas