What is an en417 gas cartridge?

Retta Reynolds asked a question: What is an en417 gas cartridge?
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EN 417 is a European Standard concerning non-refillable metallic cartridges for liquefied petroleum gases. The standard specifies material, construction, inspection and marking requirements for cartridges with or without a valve, for use with portable appliances which comply with the requirements of EN 521.

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The Cadac 445g EN417 Threaded Gas Cartridge is an easy to use, efficient power source for smaller barbecues, where appropriate, or for all round outdoor use. These canisters are suitable for use with the Weber Q100/Q120 or Q1000/Q1200 barbecues, so will connect into the gas supply with no problems, plus they will fit into the integrated gas canister holder found on the Weber Q100/Q120 or Q1000/Q1200.

Scotvision® 4 x GoSystem 2350 70:30 Butane Propane Mix Gas Cartridge EN417 Threaded 350g. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 44.

We have just purchased the Outwell Jimbu stove which works with an En417 gas cartridge / canister. But on searching online / Amazon I cannot see any cannisters directly related to that En417 number. Searches bring up similar looking models like the Coleman C300 or 500.

When a pierceable cartridge is fitted to the appliance a hollow spike punctures the cartridge, which releases the gas to the appliance. Once fitted it cannot be removed without letting the gas escape. Pierceable cartridges of different makes are usually interchangeable, but they should comply with European Standard EN417 type 200. DATA SHEET

Coleman C300 Performance Gas Cartridge 4 pack EN417 The Coleman C300 Performance gas cartridge offers a 240g butane/propane gas mixture, providing a steady and consistent burn across a wide range of temperatures at lower altitudes making it ideal for more general use.

I've looked at quite a few of the gas tanks that are made for model steam usage, and they seem to be an unnecessary expense when you can use the canister the gas comes in. These, however, look a bit unsightly amongst nice shiny brass and copper fittings. Although I have seen them painted black and suchlike to blend in a bit better.

EN417 gas cannister with screw-thread. For use with Cadac Safari Chef (High Pressure version) barbecues. Can also be used to power many other camping gas stoves when used with the Cadac Power Pak.

The EN417 Regulator Assembly allows low pressure appliances to operate from gas cartridges. The regulator hose simply screws onto the cartridge. The tailpiece suits a 1/4inch BSP left-hand-threaded gas gartridge Hose and tailpiece included ÂŁ15.00.

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