What is an electric unit heater?

Clementina Erdman asked a question: What is an electric unit heater?
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… commonly used element is the unit heater, in which an electric fan blows air through a coil heated by hot water, steam, electric resistance, or gas combustion and provides a directed supply of warm air where needed.

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electric unit heaters are lightweight and require no special reinforcement to suspend them. Easy to Service Fan and motor are exposed and can be removed without lowering the unit heater. A hinged bottom panel permits full access to controls on models HER, horizontal units. Vertical delivery and Power-ThrowTM models have separate control boxes externally mounted on the units. Motors are totally enclosed, permanently lubricated, and thermally protected. Electrical contactors, fuses, and ...

…form of emitter called a unit heater, which consists of (1) an arrangement of finned tubes through which hot water or steam circulates and (2) an electric fan that forces air over the tubes. The forced convection results in a rapid rate of heat transfer. Unit heaters can be mounted…

Electric Unit Heaters Modine’s electric heaters are ideal for most industrial plants, commercial and recreational buildings, and special-purpose structures such as animal shelters. That’s because our electric heaters are designed for long heat-throw, uniform heat delivery, and reduced installation and maintenance costs.

: a heater consisting essentially of a fan or blower and an indirect radiator enclosed in a common casing and designed to circulate and warm the air of a continuous enclosed space (as a room)

Electric heaters have been around for decades as a source of heat in homes to provide warmth to us. One of the reason for their popularity is because of lower cost to purchase and easy maintenance compared to other sources of heat. They are usually powered by electricity though a small percentage are still using propane or kerosene as fuel.

Offered in 16 models with heating capacities ranging from 5,119 to 16,380 Btu per hour, these electric unit heaters are lightweight and compact—all units weigh less than 30 pounds, and the grille-and-frame assembly measures approximately 21 inches high, 16 inches wide and 5 inches deep (including the rough-in-box).

Electric Unit Heaters Lastly, electric unit heaters require the use of electricity from your service panel but require no venting, making these a good solution for those who want to have heat in their garage but don’t want to run gas lines or vent pipe. The Modine electric unit heaters are ideal for commercial applications.

AE Project Number: Electric Unit Heaters 23 82 39 – 2 Revision Date: 1/29/2014 2.1 MATERIALS AND COMPONENTS: A. General: Provide electric unit heater manufacturer's standard materials and components as indicated by published product information, designed and constructed as recommended by the

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