What is a gas divider?

Serena Baumbach asked a question: What is a gas divider?
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A gas divider uses the principle of capillary flow to accurately divide or dilute a calibration gas of known value to set proportions by selecting combinations of capillaries to flow a diluent gas or a span gas.

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Our gas divider at an environmental expo Our company is relatively young and is growing fast, but we want it growing till faster. Our market share in Italy is more than satisfying, but now don’t see any reason why not to approach the full word.

BetaCAP30X100 is a gas divider in two stages with 100 + 30 equal capillaries, designed to operate 31 dilution ratios linearly scaled between 0 and 100%) and 30 more between 3.000: 1 and 100: 1. While the first range of dilutions


A Gas Blender or Gas Divider is an important piece of equipment to provide gas mixing when calibrating any gas analyser. As Protea manufactures a range of IR, UV, FTIR and MS gas analysers, we have designed a range of gas blending products to meet the needs of calibrating gas analysers against a range of standards and procedures.

gas divider used to generate the calibration data for exhaust emission gas analyzers. HC, C02, CO and 02 calibration curves generated by gravimetric standard gases were compared with gas mixtures using the divider. The divider was found to provide

Gas Divider GT.11 Gas Divider GT.11 Technical Data Significant cost savings Easy to use and connect Portable Low noise level Two-stage performance enables a second measurement range (1–10ppm) to be calibrated with

1065.248 Gas divider. (a) Application. You may use a gas divider to blend calibration gases. (b) Component requirements.Component

The divider for the gas stove is used to improve the performance of the burners: it divides the gas flow into small areas-lights for quick and uniform heating of dishes. From above, this detail is covered with a metal lid in the form of a plate.

The Environics® Automotive Gas Divider is an advanced instrument for the dynamic calibration of automotive or mobile source emissions analyzers. This system stands out from competitors in its ability to generate infinitely varied concentrations within the operating range of the instrument, protecting your investment and giving you the needed flexibility should standards change.

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