What happens if you turn an electric motor by hand?

Robb Bartoletti asked a question: What happens if you turn an electric motor by hand?
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There is no harm, if you rotate a motor manually. Practically, each & every motor is rotated manually after preventive maintenance just checking free rotation, abnormal sound, etc. If it's field windings are excited the braking torque will be ~150% of the name plate torque.

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Explaining an electric motor. The diagram shows a simple motor using direct current (dc). Fleming's left-hand rule can be used to explain why the coil turns. Starting from the position shown in ...

When you turn the shaft of an electric motor by hand, what occurs in the interior coils of wire?

Answer (1 of 4): Generally the motor will not be damaged. However, you need to be aware that the motor will become a generator and try to feed current back into your control circuit; the circuitry needs to be protected against this to avoid damage. Also, in manual mode if something in your contro...

On bigger motors, these kinds of symptoms would be correct if the motor start capacitor (usually inside or attached to the side of the motor itself) has failed. By centrifugal starter, I assume you mean a switch that kicks in at low speed (located inside the motor itself). This could be another possibility. But, these ideas rely on an induction motor being used that requires a capacitor and/or starting switch. Looking up the motor model number, it's a DC motor (either brushed or brushless ...

Turn the motor shaft by hand. Does it turn freely enough to run? There will always be a little drag, but the shaft should spin relatively freely. Still, an older motor may have bearings with dried grease. If the bearings are not rusted inside, you can probably work new grease into them. and improve them greatly. I sometimes gently pry a bearing ...

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