What gas stations use apple pay?

Alvina Daniel asked a question: What gas stations use apple pay?
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We bought gas with apple pay

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  • Apple Pay is a convenient way to make payments, and it’s growing in popularity. Do gas stations take Apple Pay? Quite a few do. We have the list of gas stations that accept Apple Pay. The list includes BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, QuikTrip, Shell, Speedway, Valero, and more.

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Using apple pay at a gas pump

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To find the gas stations closest to you that take Apple Pay, you can also use the Maps app on your iPhone. Search for gas stations nearby; after you tap a location, swipe up and look at the “Useful to Know” section to see whether it accepts Apple Pay. 7-Eleven Availability: Most locations

Most of the BP and Amoco gas stations take Apple Pay only in-store while some accept at the Pump also. You can make use of the BPme official app to pay for gas at any Amoco or BP petrol station if you frequently visit one of them. When it comes to Citgo gas stations, Apple Pay is widely accepted but a few stations take it in-store only. DeltaSonic and Cumberland Farms don’t take Apple Pay at ...

So, there are no exact answers for your search keyword, ‘gas stations that accept Apple Pay near me’. It all depends to the provider you are going to. For example, BP and Exxon are two samples of the providers who accept Apple Pay as their payment method.

Gas purchases are unlike other purchases because you normally have to present (scan) your card before pumping gas, and before the total value of the purchase is known. There seem to be three levels of support for Apple Pay at service stations: Go Inside and Prepay,”Preauthorize”, a maximum limit (BP, Kangaroo, CircleK, WaWa)

As with Apple Pay, the process involves simply adding a credit card to your account, after which you can tap your phone to the gas pump. Mobile Apps Margarita Young/Shutterstock. Tapping your phone to a gas pump to pay sounds pretty futuristic, but there’s actually an even newer method available at many gas stations. Rather than physically ...

Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for all sorts of things these days. Not only can you quickly send your pal a couple of bucks in Messages, but you can use Apple Pay at gas stations, restaurants, pharmacies, and more. All you have to do is look for the logo and you can pay with your iPhone and without reaching for your wallet.

Costco does indeed take Apple Pay at most warehouses and gas stations in the U.S. and Canada. However, you can only use Apple Pay with Visa cards in the U.S. and MasterCard cards in Canada. To use Apple Pay at a Costco location, bring your mobile close to the NFC reader when the employee asks you to do so. About the author . Marques Thomas graduated with an MBA in 2011. Since then, Marques has ...

In fact, Apple Pay is already accepted at over two million stores. To see if a store, restaurant, gas station, or other business accepts Apple Pay, just look for the Apple Pay and NFC/tap and pay decals in store windows and on points of sale. Apple Pay isn’t just for brick-and-mortar businesses. You can also use Apple Pay in a growing number ...

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