What gas do you use for cadac?

Domenico Kris asked a question: What gas do you use for cadac?
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The operating pressure is 28-30mbar on butane or 37mbar on propane. It is also suitable for use with regulated gas supplies from a BBQ point on caravans and motor homes. The Cadac Safari Chef is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, caravanning and sports events and it includes 2 years limited warranty.


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👉 What are the features of a cadac gas braai?

  • Cadac Gas Cylinder - 3kg The cadac 3kg gas cylinder is coated with eproxy powder for rust protection, it features an external valve with fingertip... Features: - Sturdy 4 burner CADAC gas braai with side burner - Stainless double layer lid and stainless burner tubes - 2 large wheels for ease of...

👉 Can you use patio gas for a cadac?

Cadac LP (Low Pressure) barbecues will work on butane gas (28mb) and propane gas (37mb) - the jet and burner accommodate the pressure difference. You will need a regulator which is matched to the cylinder.

👉 Which is the best electric bbq from cadac?

  • Discover the taste & comfort of electric grilling with CADAC's new E Braai. This electric BBQ is perfect for use on a balcony or in a garden, but it's also easy to transport during holidays with the included carry bag. With our barbecues we literally bring friends & family together for a 'Braai' or BBQ.

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