What does a small electric shock feel like?

Sibyl West asked a question: What does a small electric shock feel like?
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Topic Overview. When you touch a light switch to turn on a light, you may receive a minor electrical shock. You may feel tingling in your hand or arm. Usually, this tingling goes away in a few minutes.

  • You feel as if you've been jolted by an electric shock. Others describe the feeling as being zapped, buzzed, shocked, jolted , or had a sudden "brain, head, or body tremor." It can also feel like your body just experienced a sudden tremor or vibration.

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The feeling of electric shock in the chest might be a temporary uneasiness in your chest. This sensation may comprise of harsh and abrupt pain. These pains sometimes remain for few seconds, or on some occasions, it might stay for more time.

Symptoms and after-effects. The symptoms of electric shock depend on many factors. Injuries from low-voltage shocks are most likely to be superficial, while prolonged exposure to electrical ...

The GED does not feel like a “hard pinch” or a “bee sting.” It is a horrible pain that causes your muscles to contract very hard, leaving you sore afterward. I would often have a limp for one or two days after receiving a GED. The devices JRC puts on us are not the same ones they show to the outside world when they let outsiders try the GED.

Electric shock like feeling in the chest can be momentary discomfort in the chest, which causes sudden, sharp pain. Such sharp pains in chest are often rapid and last for few seconds to minutes or sometimes more. Electric feeling in chest is a feeling of discomfort or a feeling of uneasiness with sudden shooting type of sensation in the chest.

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