What causes the arcing of an electric motor?

Ryan Windler asked a question: What causes the arcing of an electric motor?
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  • There is more than the usual small sparking. The fact that I smell something burning tells me not to continue. The excessive arcing may be due to high motor loading. It may be binding somewhere, or the bearings may be shot. Does it turn easily by hand?

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motor brushes arcing. it usuallty means that one of the commutator segments is open circuit.this can be checked by going round the com.with an ohm meter segment to adjecant segment.one measurement will be a lot higher sesistance because you will be measuring the whole armature not just one coil.

Electrical arcing occurs when the voltage level gets too high and causes an ongoing electric discharge, which can damage your equipment and eventually cause it to fail. In the December 2017 edition of Currents , the monthly publication for members of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), there was an article by electrician Joe Junion titled “Motor Bearings: Electrical Damage Simplified.”

Excessive loading will also cause more than usual arcing. Does the arcing go away (or reduce) when the motor has no load? Short circuits on the rotor are not easy to detect with 'common' home test...

The phenomenon of arcing ground occurs in the ungrounded three-phase systems because of the flow of the capacitance current.The capacitive current is the current flow between the conductors when the voltage is applied to it. The voltage across the capacitances is known as the phase voltage.

It may also occur as a result of excessive starts or reversals. Looseness and bearing failures. Another common fault stems from mechanical rubs, which can be the result of looseness of the motor shaft and/or the motor bearings. The most common mechanical faults are shaft imbalance, looseness, misalignment, and bearings.

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