What cars use electric water pump?

Ernestine Little asked a question: What cars use electric water pump?
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Which cars sold in the U.S. have/had electric water pumps? - Quora. So it turns out that most VAG (VW, Audi, etc.) turbo engines have an auxiliary pump that feeds coolant to the turbos after the car has turned off. The BMW E38 7 Series has an auxiliary electric pump that just cycles coolant through the heater core.

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Mechanical water pumps cannot be used in electric vehicles, but electric water pumps can be used in some newer internal combustion engines. In internal combustion vehicles, they may be used for coolant circulation through the turbocharger, supercharger, heater core, and sometimes as the main engine coolant pump.

Many Mercedes Benz model have a small auxiliary electric water pump built in to the climate control system,but it is not intended for engine cooling. While I would generally prefer the primary cooling pump NOT BE AN ELECTRIC Motor, I never expected ELECTRIC POWER Steering to become more common than not.

The Toyota hybrids use an electric pump (at least Prius), or a combination of electric pump for the heater core and mechanical pump for the engine (RAV4 hybrid). I assume many other hybrid cars also use an electric water pump.

An automotive electric water pump is an electric coolant pump driven by a 12v, 24v or 48v brushless DC motor, it is a centrifugal water pump that work with its impeller rotates at high speed and generates centrifugal force to pressurize and circulate liquids like water, coolant to cool car engine, turbocharger, intake air intercooling system, new energy vehicle drive system, power battery thermal management system etc, is a key component in automobile cooling system.

Mechanical water pumps have been a vital part of most automotive cooling systems throughout most of the history of the automobile. More recently, electric wa...

More and more vehicles require electric water pumps, such as electric and hybrid vehicles, which experts estimate will be sold at a rate of 3.8 million per year by 2020. These vehicles rely on electric water pumps to cool their batteries. And think of the increasing number of cars outfitted with a turbocharger system.

Later in your vehicle's life, belts can become a real pain. They crack. They fray. They glaze over and make embarrassing "skeeeeweee!!!" noises when you start your car. Mechanical water pumps use a belt. Mechanical water pumps themselves also break. I, for one, would not mind seeing the wholesale electrification of water pumps and other under ...

Long used in Motorsport an electric water pump is able to address both of these issues. It must be noted that the extra current it draws will create pull on the alternator in a similar way to the air conditioning unit (but nowhere near as much!) The electric water pump will come as a kit with the main pump and a controller.

Volkwagen's W12 engine which powers the Audi A8 and R8 uses an electric pump in addition to a mechanical one, the VR6 engine (which is basically half a W12) also uses an electric water pump. BMW's 3-series has had an electric water pump since 2006, and virtually all hybrids use motors - Toyota's Prius and Lexus' lineup.

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