What can you bring into electric forest?

Cecil West asked a question: What can you bring into electric forest?
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Sit down and prepare for a crash course in the essentials of Electric Forest. ... BE HEALTHY – DRINKS

  • Everyone should have their own reusable water bottle or hydration pack – metal or plastic, not glass! Use this water vessel for all hydration needs.
  • Water…
  • Electrolytes.
  • Coffee supplies.
  • Tea and honey.

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This includes sun hats and sunscreen, sweaters, raincoats, and sturdy shoes. For details on how to prepare for Electric Forest, please check out Tips from the Forest Family. Note location of exits, information points, first aid areas, and water refill stations when the map is released.

Using a TEG is a way to convert temperature differences into electricity. In a camping situation, the generator harvests some of the energy created from the temperature difference between two points. The beauty of this option is that you can use a TEG even in a wilderness situation by building a fire and using the banked coals for the heat source.

Electric Forest. 6,556 likes… you are rewarded with entrance into the “secret show”… Just an example of the randomness and excitement that can happen when you bring a bunch of strangers together in a large open space with music serving as the uniting force. 🎶 ...

You can roll up your raincoat into a packing cube without any issues until you need it. The general rule of thumb for packing clothes for the jungle is not to over-pack, so ideally you take one set of clothes for the day and one for the night. If your clothes get wet during the day then you still have some dry clothes for the night.

Amidst confusion and rumors over the weekend about the Electric Forest alcohol policy…. You must be 21-plus to consume alcohol in the campgrounds. A reasonable amount of unopened beer and wine (limited to 1 case of beer and one box of wine per person), will be permitted to be brought onto your camping area.

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