What are the problems with general electric company?

Kaitlyn Baumbach asked a question: What are the problems with general electric company?
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  • The troubles that industrial icon General Electric ( NYSE :GE) has been dealing with are headline grabbers. The biggest story has been its heavy debt load and the efforts to sell assets to get its balance sheet back into shape. However, that's not the whole story.

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There are key issues concerning General Electric (GE). One of these key issues is the companies earning guidance. Some company managers tend to announce to the public about its financial accomplishments, which will please the public. To please the public, the company management fails to consider or pay close attention to the business ...

3 Risks Facing General Electric Company Even an industrial American icon faces threats in a fickle economy. Here's what to look for with General Electric.

General Electric reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jul 13, 2006. The latest review I am complaining about a GE gas stove with a gas leak and poor customer service to get it fixed. was posted on Sep 1, 2021. The latest complaint defective stove was resolved on Jan 28, 2020. General Electric has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 471 reviews.

General Electric Continues Its Slow Recovery 7 Desalination Stocks to Fix California's Once-in-1000-Years Drought 3 Challenges Facing General Electric Company's Possible Mega Merger @themotleyfool ...

How decades of bad decisions broke GE. General Electric has been a piston of the American economic engine for 125 years. It pioneered the light bulb and the jet engine. It survived the Great ...

The once-titanic company is now rushing to find solutions to its compounding problems. A big challenge for Culp: narrowing GE’s leverage from five times net debt-to-Ebitda, as calculated by ...

General Electric, once a reliable symbol of American success, is in turmoil at a time when the stock market is booming and the economy is gathering momentum.

In this paper, General Electric (GE) Company is considered to be a case study to answer these questions. GE is one of the highly innovative companies in the world.

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