Verine gas fire remote control?

Columbus Jerde asked a question: Verine gas fire remote control?
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How to fix a gas fire igniter

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  • The Verine Meridian High Efficiency Gas Fire is an excellent option. This remote control gas fire allows you to control the heat without getting up, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the magnificent flame display!

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Verine midas plus high efficiency gas fire

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The remote control handset can be used to light the fire as well as to adjust the flame height and heat output. In addition, the handset contains the extra benefit of a thermostatic control to regulate room temperature and a programmable timer that can be pre-programmed to ensure your room will be warm whenever you wish. Multifunctional Remote Control

Verine fires are built to last in our state-of-the-art UK manufacturing facility where our quality standards meet the stringent demands of ISO 9001/2000. That's why we are able to offer an impressive 15 Year Guarantee on all gas fires. Every fire in the range features a Flame Supervision Device (FSD) which detects the precense of a flame, and ...

For a top-of-the line inset gas fire with remote control, you can’t get much better than the Verine Passion High Efficiency Gas Fire. Boasting an 82% efficiency rating and a 4kW heat output, this glass front gas fire looks as stunning as it is cost-effective – the anti-reflective glass also adds to the brilliant flame effect.

For all spares for our fire and stove ranges please contact the BFM Europe Ltd. Spare Parts department on 01782 339034. If possible please have a part number to hand when you call to help us deal with your enquiry faster. Most part numbers can be found on the back of your user manual, alternatively a member of our sales team can help.

Semi Remote Control Light the fire using the manual control system located behind the fires trim or fret then use the remote control handset to adjust the flame height and heat output. Fully Remote with Thermostat The remote control handset can be used to light the fire as well as to adjust the flame height and heat output. In addition,

verine fire remote control? 1.Remove battery. 2. Unscrew back plate (single Phillips screw) and take out circuit board. 3. You will see the 4 micro switches. Each has four black sealing patches. Cut these of with a SHARP stanley knife and... 4. Remove the copper disk and clean the bottom side. I ...

Remote Control Gas Fires. Falcon Fire's new Infra red hand held remote control means that at the touch of a button the appliance can be operated, temperature of the fire can be reduced to a calm dancing flame, reduces to a minimal glow or springs back to life on demand. Your fire can be controlled fully, from the off position to a ...

Fully-sequential Thermostatic Remote Control for Sheraton 5 Gas stove and Logic HE Log-effect fires. This advanced remote control allows ignition and extinguishing of the fire as well as flame and heat adjustment. You can also set your stove or fire to maintain a chosen temperature if desired.

The gas fire battery is used for various purposes: to power the receiver electronics for picking up your remote control signal (even when your not using the fire), opening the gas valve during ignition, igniting the flame and running various sensors such as the oxygen sensor.

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