Unturned gas can?

Hosea West asked a question: Unturned gas can?
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  • The Industrial Gas Can is a Rare Fuel Canister in Unturned 3, Cargo (At the big white gas tanks or gas pumps), use the Tab key to access your inventory, How to make a jerry can in unturned? In order to acquire fuel from this source, Also a short guide on how to use the Item IDs to unlock a vehicle or a weapon in Unturned, When you place it down and gas is in it, Get gas from gas station or a car, so the Player needs


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Unturned Gas Mask ID – Full List. There are three different gas masks, and these are their ids. Official Gasmask id – 1270. Biohazard Hood – 1017. California Gasmask id – 4021. California Biohazard Mask – 4092. Easter Island Biohazard Hood – 6617. Plastic or Kuwait Gasmask id – 5337.

👉 Where is the gas mask in unturned in germany?

Germany: It can be found at fire stations. Greece: It could be found at fire stations. Hawaii: It could be found at Coastguard spawn-group locations, such as Alika Base. Russia: It can be found at the Firewatch towers and in all the other fire department stations across Russia.

👉 What do you do with a gas can in unturned 3?

  • Sizeable can of gasoline. The Portable Gas Can is an Uncommon Fuel Canister in Unturned 3. It is used to fuel vehicles and Generators . When the Portable Gas Can contains a % of fuel, it can be used to fuel an object.

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