Understanding how electric guitars work?

Michael Aufderhar asked a question: Understanding how electric guitars work?
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In an electric guitar the steel strings act as magnetic bodies… The frequency wave of the strings and the wave of the electric current tend to work together, and the pickup uses this property to convert the sound into electricity.

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The principle behind the way an electric guitar works is pretty simple. The vibrations produced by the strings are electronically perceived and then routed through an electronic signal toward an amplifier, in order to be then rendered by a speaker. A magnetic pickup placed under the strings is the element that senses the vibrations.

Basically, the positioning of the pickups has an effect on the frequencies detected. For example, string tension is at its highest closer to the bridge so the bridge pickup generally picks up higher frequencies while the string tension is noticeably lower closer to the neck pickup and a lower end tone is produced.

How does an electric guitar work. How an Electric Guitar Works Electric guitars rely on the principles of electromagnetism to convert string vibration into electrical signal. Crudely speaking the metal strings of an electric guitar are a bit like dynamos. The number of pole pieces is equal to the number of strings on the guitar.

How does a electric guitar work. The primary purpose of the electric guitar body is to maintain proper tension in the strings for us to obtain the sounds that we desire. To understand this we will have to travel back in time to the 1800s 1831 to be precise. This video is for the beginner electric guitar player.

How Electric Guitars Work

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