Tear gas fire extinguisher?

Jannie Hermann asked a question: Tear gas fire extinguisher?
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Video answer: Wall of white as tear gas, fire extinguishers used at protest

Wall of white as tear gas, fire extinguishers used at protest

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  • Tear gas and pepper spray can be sprayed from small hand-held dispensers or large fire-extinguisher size tanks. Pepper spray also comes in plastic projectiles which are fired at the chest to knock the wind out of a person, who then takes a deep breath of pepper from the burst projectile.

Video answer: How hong kong protesters extinguish tear gas canisters

How hong kong protesters extinguish tear gas canisters

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Marcos Rojo grabs fire extinguisher in crazy Boca Juniors bust-up as police use tear gas Former Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo was seen in chaotic footage of post-match altercations after the controversial Copa Libertadores tie between Boca Juniors and Atletico Mineiro

Fire extinguishers and tear gas: Boca Jrs eliminated from the Libertadores, is far west against Atletico Mineiro! VIDEO | Abroad The Boca Juniors was deleted from Liberators cup, with Miguel Angel’s team Russo who lost on penalties to Atletico Mineiro .

Tear Gas Grenade Launcher are a great aid and highly effective in early dispersing and suppressing crowds such as riots...

Myanmar police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at protesters Tear gas and fire extinguisher gas float around demonstrators during a protest against the military coup in Yangon, Myanmar, March 2, 2021.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The Fire Extinguisher is primarily meant to extinguish any source of fire. Upon use, this item looses a stream of its extinguishing agent, ironically similar to the Flamethrower. Putting out a flame requires 2-3 seconds of focused extinguishing; the player must aim at the base of the fire to permanently put it out.

Common compounds found in tear gas include chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS), chloroacetophenone (CN), both of which are known as mace. Although tear gas is considered a non-lethal chemical weapon, the immediate effects can be damaging. Those who have been tear gassed often feel a burning sensation on their skin and face, experience difficulty breathing, and have a hard time seeing through the large cloud of gas. If you have been exposed to tear gas:

Exploded tear gas canister on the fly in Greece Tear gas, also known as a lachrymator agent or lachrymator (from the Latin lacrima meaning " tear "), sometimes colloquially known as "mace" after an early commercial aerosol, is a chemical weapon that stimulates the nerves of the lacrimal gland in the eye to produce tears.

Plus, a tear gas canister is just something that is burning slowly, so if you immerse it in something you can extinguish it. abakker on Sept 4, 2019 [–] I didn't know that. I always assumed they were just compressed gas with a pinhole poked in them or something.

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Video answer: Protesters set up barricade, clash with police at hong kong…

Protesters set up barricade, clash with police at hong kong…