Should i call an electrician or a plumber?

Jaylan Huels asked a question: Should i call an electrician or a plumber?
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  • But you’re hesitant to pick up the phone because you’re not sure who to call: a plumber, electrician or HVAC tech. So what’s the answer? Well, it depends on the issue. But for the most part, you should call a licensed plumber for all hot water heater problems.

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And what makes it worse is that you have called a plumber when it’s an electrician you should be calling or the other way around. Not only is it frustrating, but it’s very inconvenient too to be calling the wrong person for the job. It’s both a waste of time and money for you and the person.

Some more problems that require a plumber Whistling noise from the water heater Low hot water pressure Pilot light doesn’t light up or stay lit However, certain problems require the electrician, Call an electrician if, Water heater

Should I call an Electrician or a Plumber??

You should call a plumber, unless you are certain the issue is an electrical one. If you aren’t certain, a plumber can determine if an electrician is needed. A common reason electric water heaters aren’t working is because a heating element has failed. I’m not sure if electricians usually R&R elements, but I am sure that plumbers do.

Electrician vs. Plumber – Comparison of Two Future Careers Author: Jason Snowhill (Jason Snowhill G+) This article is focusing on the pros and cons of choosing to become an electrician or a plumber.

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