Should electric fans push or pull?

Sonia Gulgowski asked a question: Should electric fans push or pull?
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Use an electric fan.

Preference should be given to a "pull" vs. a "push" fan. Mounted on the engine side of the radiator, a pull fan does not interfere with airflow at highway speeds.

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Not due to airflow path or effectiveness, but for a very practical reason of dust buildup on the fan’s finger-protection screen (if there is one) and fan blades. Depending on the physical arrangement of the fan and airflow path, when air is pushed in by a fan at the front end, dust will accumulate to some extent on the screen and blades.

Electrical fans can either push air through the radiator or pull air through it. A pusher fan sits in front of the radiator. When a vehicle is moving, a pusher fan can obstruct airflow due to its positioning in front of the radiator. A puller fan on the other hand sits right behind the radiator.

We’ve tested push, pull and push-pull configurations on 240mm variants of our XE (60mm thick, 16 FPI) and SE radiators (28mm thick, 22FPI). Lets start with the obvious, increasing fan RPM from 800 to 1600 nets greater gains than having push-pull set to 800 RPM. But at the cost of significantly more noise.

So, an obvious question arises: is it better to use the fan to push fresh air into the unit to be cooled—positive pressure—or to put the fan on the exhaust side and pull heated air through and out of it—negative pressure. From Figure 1, it seems like a simple-enough question, and it should have a simple answer.

Electrical fans can either push air through the radiator or pull air through it. A pusher fan sits in front of the radiator. It pulls air through the radiator and has less impact on airflow at high speeds than a pusher fan since it is behind the radiator. Puller fans provide more cooling capacity than pusher fans.

I have 2 pull type slim fans and I am thinking of converting them to push fans i.e. between the radiator and FMIC. This is because of the very tight area between the fans and engine ( I have 2jz engine in my 350z).

Puller fans cool better than pushers. The s-blades are nice and move quite a bit of air, not all that quiet though. The Flex-a-lite 160 I had was noisy but moved 3000 cfm, it was a single, some of the doubles move 4600 cfm. Mar 22, 2011 #5

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Definitely use a pull configuration so any dust that enters the system does not get trapped between the radiator and the fans. Sep 7, 2004 #11

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