Ryobi bc30 gas mixture?

Jamir Cole asked a question: Ryobi bc30 gas mixture?
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Ryobi gas trimmer runs bad- carb adjustment easy

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The Oil-to-Gas Ratio in a Ryobi SS30 Lawn Trimmer

  1. Ratios. You can make a 50:1 fuel ratio by mixing one gallon of unleaded gasoline -- rated at least 87 octane -- with 2.6 ounces of two-cycle oil in a container approved for storing gasoline…
  2. Gasoline…
  3. Two-Cycle Oil…
  4. Storage.

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Replacing the fuel line and filter

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Call Ryobi customer service for assistance. Page 7: Features PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Weight - (without fuel) CS30 ...10.7 lbs. (4.9 kg.) SS30 ...12.1 lbs. (5.4 kg.) BC30 ...12.9 lbs. (5.9 kg.) String cutting width CS30 ...17 in. (432 mm) SS30 ...18 in. (457 mm) BC30 ...18 in. (457 mm) Blade cutting width BC30 ...8 in.

What is the oil to gas ratio of a ryobi bc30 weed eater? 2.6 ounces of oil per gallon of gas. A 50 to 1 ratio.

Ryobi recommends a 50:1 mixing ratio of gasoline to oil for its two-cycle string trimmers. That translates to 2.6 ounces (76 milliliters) per gallon (3.8 liters) of fuel. You usually don't have to measure this quantity of oil yourself because two-cycle oil comes in premeasured bottles. To mix the oil and gas:

I'm new here. Bought a Ryobi BC30 at a garage sale for $10. It hasn't been used or maintained in about 2 years and was not prepared for storage at that time. Pretty much every gasket was shot from the effects of time and the residual gas/oil mix sitting in it.

How to String a Ryobi BC30. The Ryobi BC30 is a gas-powered trimmer and brush cutter designed to trim areas of grass or weeds that are too thick or too overg...

n Mix fuel outdoors where there are no sparks or flames. Wipe up any fuel spillage. Move 9 m (30 ft. ) away from refueling site before starting engine. n Stoptheengineandallowtocoolbeforerefuelingorstoring the unit. n Allow the engine to cool; empty the fuel tank and secure the unit from moving before transporting in a vehicle.

To prevent a costly mistake, always mix the specified 50:1 gasoline-to-oil ratio for the Ryobi SS30 lawn trimmer. This will make for a smooth day working in the yard. Ratios

In this video I show you the fuel line configuration on a 2 cycle Ryobi grass trimmer. If your trimmer looks the same but branded differently it will also be...

1.. The screw on the side closest to the engine is the idle mixture screw... This controls the mix on the engine side of the butterfly plate, and would only need to be adjusted if the engine conked out at idle.... 2.. The screw closest to the air cleaner , and choke would be the high speed mixture screw..

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