Reason for red flame in gas stove?

Esmeralda Moore asked a question: Reason for red flame in gas stove?
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If you have a yellow, orange, or red burner flame, this usually means that your burner isn't receiving enough air for complete combustion. The main danger of improper combustion is the increased amount of carbon monoxide produced by the process.

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Jordan from Point & Click Appliance repair will provide you with steps to change your range flame color from yellow/orange back to the standard blue flame co...

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The burner is dirty. When you cook food, it will accidentally spill grease and cause the burner to dirty, causing the burning gas to have red flame. The burner is the place that determines the flames of the gas stove, so you need to clean the gas stove after each cooking.

Carbon monoxide gas is a combustion byproduct. Gas stoves that produce blue flames are typically emitting safe levels of CO when used for normal cooking tasks. Orange flames, however, are a red-flag alert that elevated CO levels may be present. CO poisoning causes flu-like symptoms, such as headache, dizziness and nausea.

A yellow or red flames on gas stove is dangerous, as it is indicative of incomplete combustion and carbon monoxide (CO) generation. A gas cooker yellow flame is a dangerous safety problem, if it occurs with an indoor appliance like a gas stove. You could also be wasting gas. A gas cooker yellow flame means you should schedule a gas stove service as soon as possible. Why Does a Blue Flame Mean it is Safer than Red Flames?

A blue flame on your stove means that it is just gas-producing it. However, when food or other debris burn up in a gas flame, it changes the color to yellow, orange, or red. Only blue is the color you want to see. Other colors mean that you will most likely need to let your burner cool down and extensively clean it.

Gas stoves are popular with homeowners because they provide efficient heat transfer with precise heat control. They heat cookware with flame from a burner. A properly adjusted gas stove burner ...

The most common reason for air restriction is a blocked or sticky shutter valve. The oils and residue from cooked foods coat the opening or pivot point of the valve over time. A faulty or oversized burner orifice also causes air restriction in gas stoves. Yellow flames cause irregular heating, soot on the cookware and burner failure.

Red or yellow gas flames may be the sign of incomplete combustion, wasted gas and a serious safety hazard. With hydrocarbon flames, such as gas, the amount of oxygen supplied with the gas determines the rate of combustion, flame colour and temperature.

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