Prepaid gas card iceland?

Susie Brown asked a question: Prepaid gas card iceland?
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  • Iceland prepaid gas cards can be purchased once you arrive in the country from the major companies (such as N1, etc.). The prepaid gas cards in Iceland used to be more popular when Americans lacked the pin-and-chip credit cards. Now that most Americans have some kind of pin, it has made these much less common.

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There are gas service stations in every village on the peninsula. If your credit card doesn´t work, then buy a prepaid card, and of course you fill up sooner than later. I just cannot in my mind figure out why filling gas is such a problem. Where in the world do people drive into unknown territories with half-empty tanks, and only when it ...

Whether you are looking for a prepaid SIM card for your handset, a 3G or 4G Internet connection or 4G roaming, Vodafone can assist you with all your connection needs. You will be able to make international calls from Iceland too. Their prepaid SIM cards allow you to make calls back home anytime, anywhere, at a low-cost calling rate.

So the bottom line for USA travelers to Iceland is to either buy the pre-paid gas cards, which did not appeal to me due to difficulty in estimating how much I would need (they are not refundable), or walking inside the manned station and signing your name. This automatically eliminates use of all Orkans, which you say are always unmanned.

At every N1 station you can buy our N1 prepaid card and use to buy fuel, food or other things that the family needs when traveling in Iceland. We have the prepaid card in 3.000-IKR, 5.000- IKR, or 10.000- IKR

The prepaid gas card in Iceland is definitely worth having. It will make your life easier. We always recommend to get one for your trip in Iceland. This one and the camping card should definitely be in your pocket. Iceland is a beautiful and unique country, the last thing you need on your trip is to be fighting with the pumps that do not let you pay with the standard debit card. It is just waste of time which you could be using for what is really important - exploring the Land of Fire and ...

Gas – N1 is the largest gas station chain in Iceland. You can buy a prepaid ticket at the station for 3000, 5,000 or 10,000 Kronas. The card is good if you don't want to pay by credit card at unmanned gas stations. We received two tickets from Budget, the car rental company.

Thanks Albert! I’ve watched that YouTube dozens of times and it really is the best video on using a self-service gas pump in Iceland. I will assume that everything is the same except that when the machine prompts you to insert your credit card, you insert the prepaid card instead. Thanks for replying ;)

You will need to put your card in, type your PIN code, the amount of fuel and take the pump. Once you have refilled the car, just put your card in again to get the receipt. In the event of lack of a PIN card, we suggest buying a prepaid card at any gas station.

12,196 posts. 21 reviews. 23 helpful votes. 2. Re: Gas prepaid card. 4 years ago. Save. There is absolutely no need to buy prepaid cards, if you have Cc with 4 digit PIN number, and know how to follow simple instructions on the pumps. Report inappropriate content.

Like Olís, N1 also has a prepaid gas card. However, I would only recommend purchasing an N1 fuel card if you plan to be in Iceland for an extended period of time. The deals they offer outstanding, but they are also more niche (specials on sandwiches, desserts), whereas Olís & ÓB’s rewards card will end up getting you more bang for your buck.

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